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Things have changed a bit around here

Greetings (Judges)

Well, I thought it was about time I dusted off the cobwebs and cranked the handle for the furnace that warm the angry pixies and powers my website. I have been busy recently, with numerous projects that have all consumed a large portion of my life, and along with two growing kids things have been all but silent here.

What's new?

I have been working on an RPF project for the last few months, building the Lawgiver from Judge Dredd (2012 with Karl Urban). An awesome designer, Chris Patch, created a 3D printable Lawgiver that faithfully matches the screen used weapons, with some input from the original prop maker Michael van Kesteren. This run (for me at least) is coming to a close now, so here's a few pics of my finished props.

I have built three of these for people who are cosplaying as Dredd or just want to run around their house, talking to a Lawgiver and making pew pew noises. Actually, the prop does both of those things! Yep, you can speak to the Lawgiver and make it change ammo loads! From Stun, Rapid, Armor Piercing, Hot Shot and Rapid fire, to counting down your ammo and letting you reload as well.

A big shout out to Craig who did the programming as well for this. You can build your own version if you want, as this is all available for free on the Props3D GIT repository.

What else?

I wrote a short novel last year and released it on Amazon. It's called Demon Blade and is intended to be part of a series of short novels set in the same world, where good and evil are at odds, as they always are. With real demons and so so real good guys too!

That doesn't seem like much!

Yeah, you're right! I have also been working on about the eighth draft of The Lichfield Ice Cream King, which is done (just needs polishing). I've been humming and harring about sending out in the traditional publishing channels, as that in itself would be an experience. Once I've got some of these other projects out the way, I may still do that.

Well, I may just leave it here. Same time next year?