In Development: The Oracle and the Fedora

This is a story I came up with after a pub-lunch with friends several years ago. I've wanted to try the fantasy genre for a while, so this is what's coming next. It is coming together nicely and having reached 40k words (in October 2020), I aim to have an excellent first draft complete by Christmas (not being specific on the year!).

As things are still developing in the world of my main character, I don't want to give anything away. Needless to say, the story involves an Oracle and a fedora! If you want to know more, sign up to my newsletter, and I'll keep you posted. You can also follow me or sign up to my Patreon to get additional updates and perks.

The cover has been designed in the style of many of the fantasy novels I've been reading, as they seem to all follow a common theme. This might not be the final version, but it's a good start.