Coming soon: The Lichfield Ice Cream King (L.I.C.K)

The Sirrupa family run it all. From high-quality imports to addictive “street” products. Nothing comes into the country without their knowledge, at least that had been the case until now. An underground movement rebelling against this monopoly will go to any lengths to undermine the Sirrupa domination of the market. The Sirrupa Family also control the Police, Government and food retail, making any disruption to the market nigh impossible.

One movement is about to change all this. Known as the Lichfield Ice Cream King to their followers, they have been planting the seeds of a confectionary revolution for decades. This Christmas, they plan to take the Family down once and for all. No longer will the public be forced to pay over the odds for their custard creams and bonbons, their eclairs and Pain au chocolat.

A sweet revolution is coming.

I've been working on this novel since completing the first draft (about 50,000 words) for NaNoWriMo 2017. Since then it had gone through five revisions, one development edit and numerous Beta readers. It is currently being read by further Beta readers, to then be finalised and put out into the world. Sign up to my newsletter if you are interested in finding out more. You can also follow me or sign up to my Patreon to get additional updates and perks.

Note: The cover is not the final cover for publication.